Supporting your shift to zer0-emission technology

About Carbon Neutral Delivery Partners

Carbon Neutral Delivery Partners (CNDP) provides support to organisations working on zero-emission projects and company-wide energy transitions.

Based in Canberra, CNDP works within every major industry and sector in the Australian economy, turning what may seem like a daunting modernisation venture into a smooth and widely beneficial company transformation.


CNDP offers:

  • Renewable development support – onsite and offsite solutions
  • Zero-emission energy advisory services
  • General business support (accelerating your move to zero emissions)
  • Project management
  • Zero-emission transition strategies
  • Project creation and delivery
  • Government bid support
  • Control strategies
  • Optimisation of operations
  • Consortium development
  • Technology support, including:
    • Transport technology
      • Heavy vehicle charging
      • Bus and truck depot concept designs
    • Microgrid and behind-the-meter concept design
    • Hydrogen transport integration
  • Power purchase agreement planning

About Toby Roxburgh

CNDP was founded by Toby Roxburgh in 2018; he is the company’s executive director.

When you work with CNDP, you work directly with Toby who is one of Australia’s leading experts in, and proponents of, the nation’s shift to a carbon-free economy.

Background and experience

Toby is an electrical and electronics engineer by education with two decades of experience in the field of zero-emission technology.

He established CNDP to assist organisations not just with the technological shifts essential to decarbonising systems, but with the cultural changes required to create cohesive teams capable of delivering successful, low-cost projects.

Toby has advised governments on zero emissions targets, community microgrids, district energy plans and more.

For more than a decade he has been the Canberra Chair of the Australian Institute of Energy.

He is the co-founder of Renew Estate, Beast Solutions (acquired by Flow Power) and Electromotiv.

Values and expertise

Toby loves working with those who want to make a genuine difference rather than tick a box marked “green energy”. His fundamental expertise is in helping those with brilliant ideas leverage technology.

He has the experience and ability to:

  • Provide advice on a project
  • Join a company board or take on a directorship
  • Work on secondment
  • Advise on tender bids
  • Offer thought leadership
  • Speak at on behalf of an organisation

Over 20 years, Toby also has also developed an enviable professional network comprising specialists across numerous disciplines related to the transition to a carbon neutral economy. By engaging CNDP, you have access not just to Toby but to dozens of professionals in the areas of:

  • Law
  • Coaching
  • Detailed design
  • Construction services
  • Asset management
  • Planning
  • Specific products (such as light vehicles)
  • Any other field or area of expertise that will help to progress your project

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